Laura and Bethany were casually eating lunch at Tessa's Fastsy Food Restaurant. 'So, Laura, what should we do afte-' Suddenly Bethany fell off her chair! 'Whoa, what happened?' Then Laura fell off too! They got back in their chairs, ate a French fry, and then fly through the air! another french fry made Laura smack Bethany! Then Bethany done it to Laura! 'I am soooo sorry!' they both exclaimed! 'I think this food is cursed!' Laura and Bethany said! More people hit each other, fell off chairs, and flew through the air! Strange things were also happening to staff members! 'We have to get out of here!' Someone named Macy yelled. Everyone ran out. It turns out Tessa was a monster that could curse food! Nobody knew at all!

Story is told by Gacha Spooky


Strange story, but I think It's not bad.

Gacha Spooky

Thanks 'hmmmm'. I am glad you discussed what you disliked politely.

Gacha Spooky

Deadbrainz and Katie Bunny, what is it you don't like about the story?

Katie bunny

sooooo boring

Gacha Spooky

The point is to be spooky and funny!


maybe if you had made it longer and more spooky than funny and maybe I would have said creepy


how come I'm not dead oh wait I am due to boredom if this story


Funny and creepy a little ?