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Cloud The Skywing

tbh I still don't get the concept. Who the heck would cook food for people to eat, then curse it?

Cloud The Skywing

DEADBRAINZ, still pretty rude.


Deadbrainz, you made Gacha Spooky cry! You bully!

S L. K

U knOw peOple wOuld pay Tessa "ALOT" of $$ for her ability 2 curse foOd... instead of waist'n it on gOOd customerz ??ha ha ha


Strange story, but I think It's not bad.

Gacha Spooky

Thanks 'hmmmm'. I am glad you discussed what you disliked politely.

Gacha Spooky

Deadbrainz and Katie Bunny, what is it you don't like about the story?

Katie bunny

sooooo boring

Gacha Spooky

The point is to be spooky and funny!


maybe if you had made it longer and more spooky than funny and maybe I would have said creepy


how come I'm not dead oh wait I am due to boredom if this story


Funny and creepy a little ?