Deep in the forest, Where Tiffany's Cottage stood, Old but specially decorated, Tessa stepped inside, Tiffany switched off the lights, Tiffany took Tessa's hand and led her into the kitchen, Tiffany's face went happy as she smirked, Tessa tried to see where she was, Tiffany held a gun to Tessa's face, turning on the kitchen light, Tessa was paralysed with shock, she felt like she couldn't run, walk, or crawl or jog, "Why do you follow strangers, my dear?" Tiffany asked, Tessa shook her head and burst into tears, Tiffany mocked her as the lights were turned off, Tessa's pov: It was dizzy, awful and I couldn't see a thing. The gun was waving blury in my face. I was repeatedly saying in my head: just make it quick! All over again. I heard the tap on but it was like the gun was still floating in my clueless face, Tiffany handed me a glass of water, "Drink it." but I immediately refused and I had the courage to run away, but something stopped me at the door. Tiffany was running after me, but I felt my skin tearing off. I wasn't in pain, it was satisfying, but what was going on? Eventually, my bones were showing and my organs were gon but I was still alive. I looked at Tiffany in rage. "You.. picked the wrong girl, psycho." A voice whispered, I knew it came from me but it just wasn't my voice. A gunshot game from behind me, hitting Tiffany but she didn't look as if she was in pain, but she fell to the floor. I looked behind me, nobody was there. "When I die, there will be signs. I promise, you will feel regret when you see them."

Story is told by Amelia

Long John

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