War can change a man in different ways. It all depends on what he sees in it. He could see a child who lost his mother. Or he could see an Islamic terrorist with a suicide vest blowing up his unit. I've seen the affects of water on my friends and family. It's terrible and cruel. But what I saw was just as bad. I have seen my fair share of violence in my life but nothing compares to my recent trip. I was helping out a war clean up effort over in a disclosed area. what I saw can only be described as a nightmare. women, men, and children, all dead. body parts all over the streets. bomb fragments litter the streets. buildings on fire. there was a child looking for his pet dog. we ended up finding the dog but the child had passed away from internal bleeding. there was a man that was standing 10 feet from one of the holds set off. he was missing his eight hand and there was shrapnel in his legs. he lost both of his son's that day as well.i walked by a building that had a collapsed roof. they had just pulled a little girl out of the rubble but she kept on crying out for her rescuers to stay. my grip on the native language is a little rusty but I knew at most that she ahd a brother trapped under all of that rubble. about an hour of searching passed and they found the boy with a broken arm. the reason I'm telling you this story is not to make you all feel bad for me or these people. I'm telling you so you know the struggle of these poor people. I'm telling you so you know what is going on over seas. I'm telling you so you aren't left in the dark. I'm telling you to keep you safe.

Story is told by Long John


I understand you're pain. I recently wrote a personal story if it doesn't hurt to check it out please do so. What you went through is horrible. No one should have to experience that. Thank you for serving. ❤✌

Long John

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sorry I was typing this really fast and didn't see the mistakes till later. the man was standing 10 feet away from a bomb when it went off. he lost his right hand

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:0 those poor people