Stephanie and her friends Maria, Luna, Skylar, and Dave were having a sleepover! Just as Stephanie was getting into bed, Stephanie felt a hand. Nobody could see a hand. 'What?! What was that?!' Stephanie yelled, terrified. 'I felt a hand!' Everyone could tell she was confused and terrified! Stephanie's house was very old, but they knew the creaky floors were very old. But what they didn't know was that there was a invisible ghost, only visible to children. Stephanie, Maria, Luna, Dave, and Skylar all saw it. And then they went to sleep. At 1:00 in the morning, Skylar and Dave felt a hand! They both screamed! 'What was that?' Stephanies mom, Cassandra, asked. 'I don't know, we just felt a hand!' they said. Cassandra rolled her eyes. 'There are no hands except ours!'

Story is told by Gacha Spooky

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DEADBRAINZ, that is offensive to whoever wrote that.

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If you could give more details, I think I could be a good story☺️?

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Gacha Spooky

Deadbrainz, tell me what to work on in my next story! Maybe if it's too short, or too boring!


Real boring write better

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My second story,