Sally visited her grandparents in Kamaishi, Japan every summer. The last time she visited there was 8 years ago, before a large tsunami hit the city, destroying their house. And a strange creature. That peculiar day, Sally was at her grandparents house. The date was March 10, 2011. Just 1 day before that monster tsunami would wash away their weak house. It was located in the harbor. On to the story. However her grandparents Kudo and Nika had a small yard near the sea. Actually, that was the day BEFORE she met the strange creature. That next day, it was 15 minutes before the tsunami hit. 3:00 p.m was when she saw it, and it did not go away until after the tsunami. Before the tsunami hit, Sally was casually playingbin the backyard when the water receded and someone startled her with a 'po.' noise. Then she had to evacuate. She evacuated to the Earthquake Engineering Institute Headquarters. And then that monster was on a roof! Then the tsunami hit at 3:19, washing away Kudo and Nika's house in a snap! The monster was on the only hiuse that had not floated away, a red roof. Cars passed by. Unfortunately Kudo and Nika's mint green Toyita washed away. Because K-San could not arrive, Sally sadly died. They had NO idea that was Hachishakusama. (8 feet person)

Story is told by Gacha Spooky

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I love snarled

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I have seen this stuff before on gacha life


I've also watch this stuff on gacha life and gacha verse

Gacha Spooky

I've also seen Hachishakusama on Gachaverse

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have u watched Snarled?they did this one its pretty spooky


awesome. I've read your other stories and I have to say, you're pretty good


i love your work

Gacha Spooky

I hoped you enjoyed! You can see the footage on Youtube, but there was no Hachishakusama!