Daisy, Emily, and I were in my dad's basement and taking out the Ouija board. Daisy: OMG! Emily: I thought I saw a shadow. Me: It's fine guys it's all in your heads. Okay you ready girls. Daisy: No I'm not! Emily: I'm not either I'm scared. Me: I'm putting my hand on the board~. Daisy: Nuuuuu!!!! Emily: OMG no your not because I will slap the **** outta you!!! Me: *puts hand on board* Slap me ****. Emily: *slaps her face too it's bright red* Bam Me: Baka *the board thingy moves* Daisy: Ahhhhhhh!!!! Emily: WTF Me: OMG no no no no!!!!!!! Nooo!! Our lives are gone!! We are dead dead dead!!! *board spells: Hello folks welcome to what I call bloody death* All: *screams* Me: I told you DEAD!!!! Emily: What the hell guys I'm too young to die!!! I'm only 16!! *board spells: I'm behind you*

Story is told by Teke Teke Daughter


i love this story


Its Creepy. I love it.

shovel in my butthole

ever since the update I have not been able to post a story cause there is no button do you know how