The Slit Mouth Woman is an urban legend of a woman who was very beautiful and asked the people of her village if she was pretty. They would reply "yes". She was so pretty she thought she could get away with cheating on her boyfriend. He found out and wanted her to pay. So he slot her mouth from ear to ear. So in Japan she roams the streets and asked people if she's pretty. Then she takes off her mask showing her mouth and asks again. Then she will brutally murder you. In order to survive you need candy. In some versions she will also slit your mouth just like hers if you say she's pretty.

Story is told by Teke Teke Daughter


guys if you did not knows this away to confuse her is by saying your average or just drop candies on the ground

Black Cat

ppl used to do this story so much the admin deleted any new ones XD

do u kno da way

a few days after I heard this story and the slender man story I actually had a nightmare about kuchisake onna(slit mouthed women) and slender man just staring at me though a crevas in my bed. (°-°)


ok what