I woke up one morning and happened to see a phone on my porch. I didn't have my camera and had to film my best friends first rock climb. I used the phone and took a picture of him. A few seconds later he slipped and fell to his death. The next day I took a picture of my Grandma. She had a heart attack and died. I called my friend about it. Me:I don't know what to do! My new phone is cursed! Hammy: Calm down Zack! I'm sure it's all in your head. Me: But I've killed so many... I'm a murderer! Hammy: Calm down, Calm down... Me: I accidentally took a picture of your dog. рџ?­рџ?ў Hammy: He's dead!!! Your phone is cursed. I just took a drink... Me: I took a picture of... YOU!!!

Story is told by Teke Teke Daughter


Not bad, not bad.