Sleep Paralysis is passed down on my mom's family. She said when she was a little girl, she often get sleep paralysis and dreamed a man was watching with red eyes. She often get these dreams when she is scared. I was 9 when this happened. I started to get sleep paralysis. 1 night, I started to dream and I can't move. I tried to talk but my mouth felt it was glued shut. Then, a shadow appeared and it was the same man who was with my mom when she was 9. I was so scared. When i woke up, I feel some liquid running down on my right arm. I looked down and saw I cut myself. I screamed that my mom came in and she saw my arm. She immediately ran downstairs and grabbed an aid kit. Then she told me when she was 9, she started to distance herself from her friends and family. She said she got cursed during her sleep paralysis. She said when I gonna have a child, the child will have sleep paralysis too. I asked her "is there a way to get rid of it?". She said no. Right now, I'm 26 and I'm pregnant with a girl. I'm scared to have her. Wish me luck.

Story is told by scared_2_death


Ya its not like they can just take the sleep paralysis gene out of you


Hevenely angela this is inherited and cannot fo away its stuck on the DNA


you're child will be blessed and all your future generations☺️