Credits go to the real author There once was a happy girl she loved reading she read every book she could find she had a heart problem she was hooked to a machine so one day her parents were going out they asked her if she wanted anything she asked them If they could open the windows cause it was a beautiful day so her dad opened the window and he asked kindly if she would want anything else she responded no thank you her parents soon left when she heard a deep breathing she looked around and saw a figure wearing a black suit and tie with black pants he had no face(Not Slenderman)He asked how is it always being at home never going outside she responded its very dangerous out there mister he responded yes it is she asked him if he liked stories he said yes I love stories wanna hear one she said yea,sure oky so once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to read she read every book in the store until she met another person who loved to read but this little girl had a heart problem so one day she told him about it he said he wouldn't scare her at all till one day he scared her and she died of a heart attack the end the little girl crying, wh..wh..why did he do that the figure stood up and walked closer to her he pulled out the cable of the heart machine,he then responded well that's how the world works he laughed in her face while she was dying the last words she heard was The End

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


Savage. But sorta depressing

Indigo Flower





Wow. That monster is SAVAGE!


That was savage. Awesome.