I always did my routines the way I wanted it to be, I wake up, eat, shower, change clothes and get groceries before work. our village used to be big before, until some war between another village happened... alot of people died, so the mayor made a graveyard in the middle of town and buried the soldiers and victims involving the war that broke out years ago, since it was in the middle of town it would be easier to visit the dead soldiers and victims, the mayor hoped that having the alive villagers close to the graveyard would leave the dead soldiers to peace making them happy that their efforts of protecting the village was worth their life a little boy that I was close with named Jax was always near the entrance of the graveyard as his parents enter it every morning, it wasn't strange because normally alot of people go there to mourn the death of the dead soldiers. since I got my groceries early so I decided to talk to Jax, he never liked talking to me because he's afraid of me getting hated on by the people from the village... he was a kind boy and his parents were kind aswell. the other villagers despised me for even mentioning Jax's Parents or even himself, when I talked to Jax alot of people in and outside the graveyard saw me and started murmuring "He's CRAZY" I ignored them I continued talking to Jax, he used to be a hyper kid but now... I can't recognize him anymore "I gotta go..." he said he ran away... his parents came out of the graveyard and I asked them to talk to Jax for me, they agreed and smiled as the aura of the surroundings darkened a little I decided to go home and rest and try and talk to him the next morning, but then a my kind neighbor Yuri told me a news that made my stomach drop.... Jax's parents house burned down and Jax was left there.... and he died ..... I saw Jax yesterday.... what did it mean??? "you know how bad Jax's Parents reputation are right?" Yuri said I nodded and said that they didn't deserve the hate.... she just looked at me with pitiful eyes.... "It was announced that his parents killed him and burned the house acting like it was an accident... there was alot of solid evidence and they were sentenced death 4 days ago...."

Story is told by Unknown Artist


Love it.


Very interesting ?