This Japanese urban legend tells the story of a young girl who one day, was at a railway station. Then for some reason (either by accident or was pushed), she slipped and fell onto the railway tracks. She was then killed by a passing train. Slicing her in two. It is said that her ghost haunts the railway tracks, crawling on her hands. When she is near by, you might hear a "Teke, Teke" sound. This is due to either her long fingernails on the ground or floor, or by a facial tick. In some versions of the legend, she is looking for the ones who have pushed her onto the tracks. And in other versions, she carrys a weapon of some shorts. If you see her, your best option is to try and out run her. But it isn't easy, seeing that she is as fast as a cheeter.

Story is told by Gary Matrix


I love urban legends keep going:-)

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I love this story i love teke teke



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to her


I've seen her and I lost my left leg

Teke Teke Daughter

Teke Teke

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