The Story takes place in korea school at night.a girl was in a libary looking or returning her books.then she heard some tapping on the window.when she avestagate who's doing that,it was a woman closing here eyes.but she didnt know the woman had black eyes.the woman broke the window.the girl was starting to run.when she went to the class,she saw kids everywhere.she ran again and played dead.The woman was following here.while chasing her shes saying"One Two One Two."a few minutes later she started getting up,she thought she was gone.but the woman was right there looking at her.then The woman peeled here eyes.This is an Korean Uban Legand.commit down below how did you think about the story and like if want more storys.goodbye guys or girls

Story is told by mystios man

Scp 682

Gacha spooky ssssssuuuuuucccccckkkkkk iiiiiititititittititi


Thank you. i would love to read more .

mystios man

me too

Gacha Spooky

I would have been terrified!