Every one who hasnt been living under a boulder knows about gut feelings, and this is exactly how I got mine. It was a normal Monday. I was walking to school and slipping on newly fresh ice. All the sudden when I was passing a bus stop my stomach dropped. I didnt know what it was AT ALL. I didnt really think about it, though, because I thought it was probably me being sore from football practice. I kept walking when I noticed a house with an ajar front door. I knew the house because my grandmal lives there, so I walked to the door. Thats when my stomach pain got worse. But I kept walking. At first when I looked around in the house everything seemed normal. Except one thing. When I called for my grandmal I could have sworn to have heard a mans voice. But my grandpal was in Mexico for a couple of weeks so I knew it wasnt him. It was also very early in the morning so she wouldnt be up. I continued walking to her room until I felt like I was going to pass out. I look to the ground and I caught a look at the time. It was almost time for school! I didnt have time to speak with my grandmal so I quietly shut her front door and ran to school. When I got home my mom told me that my grandmal was murdered at her house. She told me what time and my heart sank. It was the same exact time I arrived at her house... Thanks for reading!!! look up Georgia or georgia skinner to find my other stories. note my other stories are old and have a lot of spelling problems. I feel like I grew as a writer and I would love to know your thoughts. BYE my psychos!!

Story is told by Georgia Skinner


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