Today the doorbell rang again at 3 am. This is the tenth day I am facing this situation. Since the past ten days someone or something is ringing my doorbell exactly at 3 am. Everytime I open the door to find nothing except a suicide note. The first day when this happened I was so scared that I call the police. But when the police came they found that the page was empty. There was no writing there. But I clearly remember that it was a suicide note of a girl called Lucy. The officer gave me a weird look and told me to consult a psychiatrist. That is why I didn't call them when I got the second, third and consistently today the tenth. Every time it is the suicide note of a girl who is suffering from depression. They are fed up with the world. Is there someone who wants me to help them!!??? I don't know... To be continued....

Story is told by Bluey

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eye less lod suck it


I like this....leaves you thinking an gives room to change it up an save the little girl..give it some twists an turns.. Great start of a story!


Better than your stories of course

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the most stupid story

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nice story

nightmare girl

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cool story?