So my neighborhood is haunted.Not even kidding.I have many stories that support are a few of them.

Me and my Cousin,let's call her C,were riding her Honda late one night and we go down this one road heading for another.her radio starts cutting in and out then goes back to normal.we go down this road and I see a tractor cutting grass in one yard.we reach the end of the road and get ready to turn around and see a car coming.the car goes to a certain house and goes sinto the garage and we turn around and leave.nothing weird right?well,we come back later and the tractor is cutting the same patch of grass and when we reach the end a car comes and goes into the same house's garage.we leave and come back two more times and the same exact thing happens.we go to a different road and her music starts acting up again.we go back to this road and the tractor is gone and the car is in the garage.I think we experienced a time loop.

So this story is a little long.this might be a series or something I don't know yet but I'll put part one anyway.

Story is told by Black Cat


Hey Cat...

Long John


Gacha Spooky

I have honestly never went through a time loop! That is so weird!

Black Cat

If the dislike mean u don't believe it but u can ask my cousin Little Russian Girl about it.


good story