So this is a true story and you guys need to decide if it's a ghost or a just the wind. I was living with my grandmother and it was nighttime. I slept on the couch and everyone slept upstairs except for my grandma who slept in her room. I was messaging my friend and I heard the door bell ring. I thought someone was outside so I thought nothing of it. I opened the door and there was no one. Besides i thought, it wasn't a windy night so it scared me. After i closed the door and locked it back up and then I told my grandmother. It scared me worse than the time I got locked out of the house at night. More about that later if you wanna hear it. Anyway I think I slept upstairs after I unplugged the doorbell because yeah, that freaked me out and there was no way I was sleeping on the couch that night. Anyways like I said it's a true story and I regret opening the door. So let me know what you guys think.

Story is told by NightMareQueen

Black Cat

There's already a nightmare Queen named Selena ._.