Do not visit my town. This is a warning. I've lived in this town for 21 years now. It hasn't changed since i first got here, back in 1997. This town is a curse, it's horrid. Dreadful. A mangle of stress, fear, and disgust. The last person i talked to went missing. It seems i'm the target. A little bit of backstory. I first arrived here when i was 19. I left my parents home to come here, start a new life. A fresh beginning. I bought a house and got a decent job in this small town, i don't call it "small" anymore. But at the time the town was very small. Only a few buildings in sight. The town sat in a little dip between two mountains. A quiet place it was. I thought it was very beautiful. The people were friendly enough and there were rarely any crimes comitted. It was truly glorious. My first night in my new home was great, my bed was comfy, the house felt warm and safe. But of course, The most dangerous things usually disguise themselves as something nice. I fell asleep quickly which i never do. But seeing as the place felt so secure, my mind would have forgotten that horror existed. The days went on perfectly fine. i made a few friends and was getting a good pay from my job. But i must admit, the feeling of being so safe and so happy began to make me feel, Uneasy..

Story is told by CATEYE


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