Everytime I close my eyes I see things that I wish I could unsee. It all started when me and my friend decided to vist this old lady that everyone calls "the witch". She lives in an really torn down and old hut sucluded from everyone else. As we walked up those steps I had an eary feeling come apon me. When we saw her she was very small but had the creepiest smile on her face. It was like she was expecting us. She told me and my friend our fortunes. My friend's fortune was pretty stupid but mine was horrifying. She told me that anyone I touch I will see how their tortured souls would scream for my help but I could never help them. Since that day I try to avoid contact with anyone because... because I saw how my mother's soul was tortured and it was in the worst way posible. Every night I cry hoping that it wouldn't happen to her. But... it did. Police say it was one of the most guresome murder they have ever found in decades. So I warn you don't touch. don't talk. don't breath. Because....... I SEE DEAD SOULS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Story is told by Ghost girl 78