Listen. Can you hear it? That faint clicking noise? That is a sign that the thing is back again. I can hear it while I'm in bed, trying to get some sleep. It's getting closer by the minute. What ever it is, keeps walking past my house in the dead of night. All the while making that horrible clicking noise. I tried my best to ignore it, but it isn't easy. It is now at the bottom of the drive. I can hear it walking on the gravel. Thank god that I always lock the doors and windows before going to bed. That thing can't get inside. It has tried many times in the past, but luckily it gives up easily. I am now hiding underneath my covers, trying my best to ignore it. It is now underneath my bedroom window. How does it know that it's my bedroom window, I do not know. I can sense it looking up at it. All the while continuing its vile clicking. You may be wondering why I don't just shoo it away or even confronting it with a weapon. That's because it is smart. It knows that if I go outside to confront it, it would just disappear. I do not wish to go outside with it outside my house. And I don't want to risk it sneaking past me and getting inside my home... It's trying the front door handle. I can hear it trying to force its way in. But thankfully my door is strong and it wouldn't give way no matter what that thing does to it. And the same goes for my windows. Oh... it's stopped. I can hear it walking away now. The clicking becoming more fainter. It is now gone. Now I can get some sleep. But it will be back again one night. I just hope that it.... [insert sound of something smashing through a glass window].

Story is told by Gary Matrix

Gary Matrix 2

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