One night when Jack was drifting to sleep he felt uneasy like something was watching him He just thought he's cat was watching him(cause cats like watching you well your a sleeping) so he fell asleep he woke up to a little girl crying in a corner he tried not to make a sound but she knew he was there she turned around with a grin and black holes as eyes she asked him one thing "Are you afraid of the dark" he froze he did a dumb move he said "NO,and I'm not afraid of a little girl" she laughed at him he looked at his clock the numbers were changing from 1 am to 5pm in just seconds when he looked at the corner she was gone but for how long when he looked at his phone he had a message they reads "It's Dark isn't it" when he looked in front of his bed was the little girl smelling the next day neighbors were knocking on his door to see if he was,the door creeked open and what they saw wasn't a good morning They saw Jake covered in blood with he's intestines riped out all over the floor police never found the suspect never speak to the girl just ignore her and she won't do anything

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ



S L. K


Devil's Girl



Aye good Story


smelling=smilling,they=that auto correct is broken