If you love reading creepypasta stories and rituals, you might know about this one. It says that -

On any crescent moon, if you open ITunes or any other music program on your computer and play it on shuffle, if you are unlucky enough a song named 'I'm your problem now' will start playing.

Close your eyes and empty your mind. DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES FROM THEN. Horrible scenes and unimaginable evil things will be filled in your head. This will happen as a full seven minutes of this song’s horrible symphony of screams and sounds continues.

If you survive listening to the 7 minutes long tortuous music, you'll wake up in a bench in a deserted, empty station. A faceless man on the other side of the station will offer you a cigarette. If you don't accept it, you'll be awake and the time will stop for you and the song will be gone. However if you do, the man will tell you all the secrets of the life.

After you've done smoking, take the ticket from him and board the bus coming in the station. You'll be back in your house and since then 12 minutes will pass. just the problem is that...

anyone who learns about the secret of life from the facelessr_ man goes insane... Furthermore, be it mirror, wood or window... Something will be always watching you...

~The End~

Story is told by Sshachi

The Cult

The ritual is here

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Sorry im not gonna try dat.....

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Wow I wanna try

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gOOd read ?


not doing that till the day I die


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i did it super scary


nah,this never happened to me cause I've never ever even thought about trying this ritual.

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I'm scared

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has this ever happened to you?




No,I'm you're problem now,me is your problem


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Awesome story, dear.


good lol

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