Mistakes are made. Everyone makes them. My mistake is unforgivable...and unforgettable. She was just 2 weeks old...too young....too innocent. She didn't deserve her fate. But I made it happen. She was so little and fragile. So cute and harmless. It drove me insane to know that her mother left me with her...but I am her father. I should've taken care of her. I should've showed her love......love...what I gave her mother...all I did for her...and yet she left me to go with that scumbag...I'll just wait until she comes crawling back to me. Crying, begging, and hoping I'll take her back. I won't...I'll just kill her....that ungrateful animal. I have it all to her. I left all behind for her. My family, my friends, home..EVERYTHING AND THIS IS HOW SHE REPAYS ME?!? I'll make her pay. Her child is already DEAD. AND SHE WILL BE TOO. Soon...SOON

Story is told by Kim ZeZe

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