There was a boy named Grayson He lived with his mom and dad and his uncle. He was very evil. He even made his parents be his maids. One day he ask his dad to go to the dark forest with him. His dad agreed to him. As soon as they go to the dark forest. Grayson shouted "IM HUNGRY! GET SOME FOOD FOR ME! NOW!" . His father hunt for a deer. But his father said "Grayson there is no deer around here im sorry" grayson asked to give him the carving knife. His father gave it to him. He killed his father. Grayson was shocked why he killed his own father. He ran to his house faster. His uncle asked "Where is your dad" He said "I don't know" His uncle says "oh. Really?" his uncle grabbed him and go to the dark forest. His uncle tied him in the tree. He got escaped from his uncle. His uncle called his pet Shadow. Grayson was catched by shadow. Grayson was losing his breath and begun to die. But his uncle putted a curse on him. The curse was about. El Sibon The Legend of the whistling man. Everytime he walk fast Shadow would bite him. So he would walk slow. you hear him counting bones. And went to your room and drag you through the forest. He will kill you and get all of your bones. He put the bones in a small pocket..

This is just a Urban Legend and Noy real! Bye!!!!!

Story is told by ~~LegendsNeverDie~~


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