Hello.yes I'm back after about a week.my weefee went out.anyway so I don't get banned I'mma write a story.

Aight well I'm having writer's block ._.

Let's see....



Alright no more playing around.

so this one time I was at the hospital for a family reason.and I was staying up late one night,listening to music and talking on chat.out of nowhere I hear a flat line next door and see a shadow go into the room,but I didn't hear the door open.i moved the curtain slightly and peeked in next door.it was too dark to see so I went back to my seat.i see the shadow again and peek under the curtain...there's nobody attached to the shadow.

Story is told by Black Cat


screeeeeee lol he actually deleted the chat. Im shook-

Vincent Gang

No it was better than others I have read.

Black Cat

It wasn't dishy ?_?


Man, I think chat was deleted lol

Vincent Gang

lol not me

Black Cat

Sad how many haters I have 🙄