(this is a random BEN-Drowned crack fanfiction basically so don't judge me. Also admin don't take this down unless you want me to start screamin')
Kyla was minding her own business and playing Majora's mask like the good crackhead she is. She was slowly dozing off when a green elf dude jumped through the screen putting knife to her neck with a wide grin.

She almost fainted by the sight of him... But not because of the reason you'd think.
"Omg! You're Link! But why you lookin'so silly?"
She pushed him off her lap and grabbed a wipe trying to wipe the blood off of him.

"Get your ****ing hands off me, lady! I'm not Link! My name's BEN!"
He screamed in rage and glitched back into the tv.

The girl pouted and fell asleep not fazed that a psychotic glitchy serial killer.

BEN quickly jumped back into her house and slit her throat before stealing her cookies.


Story is told by cursed_2_death


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