I am the very thing you fear.

I am every small noise you hear.

Hiding from me is a must.

For I am, the demon at dusk.

I am nowhere near in sight.

Until the brink of night.

You see me in every dark corner in your house.

Never hearing, because i am as quiet as a mouse.

Hiding from me will do no more good.

Because I am now in your neighborhood.

Get ready ready for a scare, because I'm on your stairs.

You better count each second got.

Because I'm on the top.

Your breathing is getting heavier and so are my footsteps.

Pitter patter is all you hear.

Thats how you know I'm near.

When it stops, times up.

And you feel it in your gut.

Your heart beats faster.

Then you hear soft laughter.

It gets louder and louder, till its the only thing you hear.

You think your going insane, because you know its something inhumane.

To me its just a game.

For I am the demon at dusk.

And taking your soul is a must....

Story is told by 🔪be very afraid🔪


I can say WOW!