Today, I was at the lake. Reading a book, on a bench. Minding my own business, and admiring the view.

When I was just about to leave, I had a vision. There was a little boy with his mother and sister and he swam away in the lake and died. The boy looked so familiar, he was my nephew.. I felt scared, was this really going to happen to him? I rushed over to his house and told his mother NOT to go near the lake. But the next day, they didn't listen. And Bruce, the little boy, died. Same time I had the vision, same place, same day, same date, different year.

The next day, I had another vision. A little girl, who lived in the Woods with her mother for 5 years, was playing. Her mother was reading a book, and her child ran off, her mother didn't even notice. Her daughter was missing for 24 hours, her mother cried, cried till she felt too guilty, she punished herself. The same day of the vision, I went over to them, warning them what'd happen, and of course, she didn't listen. Everything in the vision happened. I liked this, now.

The next day, I had a vision of two twins had lost left eyes after being run over with a lawnmower. Then they slept during the day, waking up at night. Their parents couldn't take how creepy their twins were. So their Father dropped them off at an abandoned mansion. He told them to look around, and he ditched them. The next day, the twins came back and killed their parents for neglect. And, I warned them. They pretended they believed me, but they did it. And now, they're dead.

Story is told by Mariam