There was a ghost girls and the room she was so beautiful but the man was so mad to the girl and killed she and locked her up in a dungeon where nobody can find her Stargirl mother's been looking for 4 years and she can't find her anywhere and the Cubs has been looking for the man for years and no one can find a new hay to self a long time ago now they're both ghosts and he's haunt the house all the time and then girls trapped in the house she comes out command locked her up in there so they're people that lived in a house that moved there a long time ago and now they have moved in the house for the first time and it only know the house is haunted and the girl looks at her mom like I think this house is haunted and Mom says know the house is not haunted daughter is your imagination the Bible says no Mom for real the house is haunted I'm not playing and the mom says so we'll see what happens and years and years went by and Mom still can't see the house is haunted so one day girl stay home by herself she saw something move in the kitchen she didn't know what it was she said what the heck is that what she loved it was a little girl she wrote the frigerator on the other side of the room and the man that was there he was also in the kitchen he says I'll pay you need something to eat I'm hungry so he went in the kitchen got something to eat and the girl looked at the other girl and she's all like what the heck is that and she's a mom mom I see something in the kitchen and she said I don't see nothing but the mom start feeling something weird going on and she's like I don't know what's going on so she just has her imagination and then one day at the mall saw something in him in the mirror and it was the men and American food in front of her and now it's just so messed up I think East Coast or killing me because stir crazy he said I love your food and the mother screamed she will like oh my God and the father says what happened at school were here right in front of my face in the mirror he's like what she says a ghost eat me he's like that he's fat and she's like yeah I see that but why he's in our house and he looked at her he's like this was my house before you anyway but thank you for the food cuz I was starving me I thought I was never going to eat it and Shikhar oh God you can't eat no more you're done you going to get fatter and she's all he's saying well I'm not going to get that if you don't understand me I understand you like you don't give me the little girl that was here is my daughter where eat you for years and that's how she died she was hungry I'm sure they know that that's that's a lie you kill me silly me I killed you you did kill me my bad I'm sorry

Story is told by dd\n\ndy

Thunder girl

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Don't worry I understood everything and what you were trying to say