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As she woke to her daughter's screams she ran to her door and slammed it open she ran to her daughter's room just to see nothing
an empty room she then heard her daughter scream again she followed the scream but this time her daughter was all disfigured like legs were in front of her arms mouth with sharp teeth
The daughter said in an agonizing voice
"Do you still love me mom"
The mom was disgusted when the mom blinked she realised it was all a dream she ran to hers daughter's room and opened it to her surprise she was still asleep the mom then started to hear a drip sound coming from downstairs the closer she got the louder it got when she switched on the lights it was their cat hanging and dripping blood out of it's eyes the mom screamed in horror then she heard laughter coming from all over the house

To be Continued

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ

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Don't worry part 3 is the last hahahahahaha