Its spring break and me and my friends decided to vacation in Vegas. We planned on making it a road trip instead of taking a plane. Everyone was excited eccept Lucy. She doesnt like road trips. See 4 years ago Lucy and her mom took a minnie road trip,there car broke down because the engine seized. They broke down in the middle of nowhere,it was late and very dark. Anywho during the time they was out there they kept hearing things that go bump in the night. When your alone in a rural or isolated place sometimes your mind begins to play tricks on you. Or it might not be a trick.
During that short span of time Lucy and her mother found themselves running for their lives through the woods from what looked like a disfigured being. They managed to surive because they stumbled upon a house in the woods. The family that lived there were good people and didnt deny what they saw but didnt explain what they saw either. Ever since that incident Lucy hasnt been the same. But we enjoy her compnay so we want her to go. We all feel that she should get back out into life and enjoy the life she does have.. Thing is what we dont know will kill us!


Story is told by BestSeller