There once was a little girl who was always rejected when she wanted to make friends they all said no

One day her mother forgot her phone upstairs she went up the stairs and heard her daughter shout
the mom ran into her room and asked her daughter why she shouted the daughter responded
"Amy never plays by the rules"
The mom asked who's Amy but the daughter didn't respond so the mother continued to go get her phone

Nighttime came when the mom tucked her daughter in and kissed her forehead she went to bed she woke up at 1:23 a.m to a little girls laughter she then got up and saw a little girl in front of her bed with black holes as eyes the little girl looked at the mom smiling and she said
"Lets play my little game"
Me,you and Mary
The mom ran to her daughter's room to see blood coming out from under the door the mom woke up to her daughter's screams

To Be Continued

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


Really enjoy your stories. Thank you.


Part two is done


Part 2 A.S.A.P




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I need a part two!!!