In my school there was a girl named Emily who everyone said was a witch, but I think it was just because she was quiet and liked to play cards by herself. She had friends and played sports so it wasnt like she was super wierd or anything; but sometimes she would chew her nails until they looked really bad. She was in my third period class and we talked a little bit but she wouldnt talk to me very long, I thought she was a little shy at first, but I noticed she talked to others fine, so I got a little sad thinking she didnt like me much.

In April she started to avoid me and I got mad, but started getting sick too so I was worried she thought I was contagious. After a few weeks we got paired for a school project together and I was kinda happy because we could get to know each other better, but she sat down a few chairs away and chewed her nails to stumps. This went on for days until I was finally too angry to keep quiet! I stopped her before she left class and stuck me with putting up the projector by myself again and asked her why she didnt want to be around me.

She said that wasnt it and started chewing her nails again. I could see her skin around them was peeling and a couple fingers had dried blood on them. I was really worried."Why do you chew your nails like that?"

I saw her eyes dart to look just above my shoulder before she shrugged and helped me take the projector back to the AV room. When I got hom I stared in the mirror but I couldnt see anything by my shoulder. At least not then. It's been a week now since I asked her why she bites her nails, and I'm sicker than before. The doctors dont know why, but I think I do. I think Emily could see what was taking my life. I put a towel over the mirrors in the house. I dont want to see what it is. I dont want to see what makes Emily chew her fingers to a bloody mess.

Story is told by BrideofSithis



nightmare girl