Sitting in a caf, I notice someone constantly sneaking glances of me, and taking pictures without my permission. At first, I thought I should take it as a compliment. But it got worst after I was
leaving my friend at the Caf. I was sitting, peacefully at a park. I had my earphones plugged in, listening to Oasis, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye, move. At first, I thought it was nothing, but it constantly happened. I'd had enough! But when I turned around, the world wasn't what it were before. There were black trees, and the sky was a red-ish colour. I looked down at my clothing, and it was covered in blood, bullet holes, and I soon realised, I was trapped, trapped in my own nightmare. Regretfully, I stood up, looking at the bloody, red river cross by the land. Dead bodies covered the once beautiful park. Was this really true? But I couldn't say more, after a bash to the back of my head. I'd fell to the ground. And suddenly, I felt my own body leave the human world.

Story is told by Mariam


How dare you write a good story

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