Hey guys, dont know if some of you remember, but for those of you OGs who still do, I need to tell the truth about where I've been, and coincidentally enough it's actually a good story, no more crappy excuses, no more lies, this is the cold hard truth, let's begin...

So one day, before I went to take my new antidepressants, the ones I needed for a long time, the pill hurt to swallow.
"Hmm, that's strange." I thought to myself. I brushed it off and didnt think it was anything, and oh boy was I wrong, fast forward to next week and I'm in the worst pain of my entire life eith my throat being so swollen that my tonsils were literally touching, I get rushed to the hospital, and before they can slide me in the bed in the back of the ambulance I pass out, I wake up to only what I assume was an hour or more later assuming how worried the look on my parents faces were, and before I could even ask what was going on, cause quite frankly I didnt remember all that much until my parents informed me a couple minutes later. Anyway my mom apologized so hard for not taking me to the doctor's office when I told her I wasn't feeling good, and she thought it was another bullshit excuse to get out of school. I didnt even notice the IV in my arm until I went to move it, and pain had shot through my arm like nothing else, I then screamed so loudly that the nurse could hear me without pressing the button she supposedly gave me when I passed out and she put the IV in me. I was then informed that u had the worst case of mono they had ever seen in their entire time of working there at the hospital, and after a couple months of staying there nothing happened, that was until, I heard my dad screaming my name from the waiting room, but not out of joy or sadness, but out of fury, and my first thought was, what the hell? And I then heard my mom yell "HONEY ITS NOT WORTH IT LEAVE HIM BE." Then for some reason I remembered the vape in my backpack I was supposed to sell for my friend.
"Aw shit, is that what they're griping about?" I sighed to myself. The nurse came in a few minutes later then asked me how I got mono, and I quite frankly didnt know, so I asked her the same question back, and she told me apparently it was from that vape in my backpack that I had been technically sharing. I face palmed and felt really guilty afterwards. This is all my fault, I told myself. I started crying softly to myself and then I went back to sleep. I woke up at my house a couple hours later, the an IV stick in my arm still, dont know why though cause I WAS out of the hospital, however my mom informed me that I needed a few more treatments of fluids before I can take it out.

And every since then I've been grounded, that's the full story right there folks, for all of you OGs who still remember me, so yes, I am back, and for good this time, I hope to see you around soon!

Story is told by dark intentions

Black Cat

Aye bro the apps been taken over by newbs.some think they own the place 🙄

Long John

Yo its ya boi darko. Sup man long time no see. I honestly thought this was leading up to throat cancer but I'm glad it ain't.


Aye D.I i remember you... Remember Me? *Grins Sinisterly*



Chicken Ari

welp poor u