Day 3
I'm not dead yet.. Its broad daylight! But I've woken up in a cabin and I'm shaking while writing this.. I can't stop crying and something that had been following me has captured me.. Whenever I cry, its like octopus ink! I don't have a mobile phone.. But I can run. I'm still hungry.. And I've been sick so many times.. Mum and dad, if you see this, I love you both so much.

Day 4
I ran away! I bribed them with the remainings of biscuits that I'd only found then.. But I know they're coming back for me. Suddenly, at that moment, my eye felt itchy. I thought it was just an eyelash, so I continued rubbing it, but it didn't work. It was just about the evening and I had brought a mirror.. I slowly brought the reflecting mirror towards the eye.. And I couldn't believe what I saw! There were.. Actual worms in my eye. I've been homeless for 3 days.. And now this. I've always been a fan of animals, and insects, but this was interesting. I started pulling them out of my pupil, it felt so weird but satisfying. I spent about 3 hours pulling 125 worms out of my left eye. All. I remember was someone shoved a knife down my throat from out of nowhere, and I was dragged across the deep, suffocating mudd.

Story is told by Mariam