"Who are you? Are you infected? Why are you here? Were do you come from? Were are you going?"
He started asking me all these questions at once, while i was still shaken up from the attack.
"H-h-hold on there b-buddy, i dont have to answer any of YOUR questions!" I managed to say, "who are you? Why sre you here? Are YOU infected?"
He finally took the gun away from my face and examind me. "You look okay i guess. How old are you?"
"Im.....wait how old are you?"
"Im fifteen." He stated.
"Im thirteen."
He smiled at me."come with me"
I followed him a little deeper into the woods were we saw a cabin. He walked up to it and knocked three times and said, "slayer". The door then open reaviling a tall brown skinned boy. "Christopher, your back!" The brown skinned boy said. He then noticed me and put our his hand saying, "julian, you?"
"Hi.....im OraLee. You can call me lee though."
Chris and julian both smiled and led me inside where there was two more people. One was a girl and the other, another boy.
"This is samuel, and issabella." Julian said.
They both smiled and greeted me. They asked questions lile who i was and were im going and stuff. I decided to answer them. I also asked questions like who they were, there age, and why there here and stuff. I found out that issabella and christopher are brother and sister, and issabella is also fifteen, which mskes them twins, samuel is there friend whos sixteen, and they all met julian a couple days ago, and this is his cabin that he safety proofed and let them sray here. He's 19. I asked if i couod sray for a day and ill be on my way and they said theyll acompany me.

January 5 1818
Dear Diary,
We left early in the morning in new cloths, tons of food, and weapons. I was the youngest here, so they closely gaurded me because i was the "easiest target for the infected". I didnt mind though. I felt safe. Issabella then asked me a question which cought me off gaurd.
"Where sre we going lee?" She asked curious.
"Well....over the radio-"
"You have a radio?" Sam asked anxiously.
"Uhm...yeah....anyways....someone said that if anyone isnt affected, there is something like a safe border. Its about be ten miles away, and its a safe place. Whatever we need is there and its big! There people everywhere, fresh food, fresh cloths, everything! Its for survivors. Its surrounded by steal walls and has a bif community inside, so no animals that carry the disease like rats, and birds can get in, or the infected."
"That sounds great!" Julian screamed.
Christopher immediately covered julians mouth as he screamed to loud. About not even a inute later, we hesrd movement and quiet groans. They wdre getting closer.
"Shit" samuel said under his breath.
"Yah chris, sam, protect the girls!!"

Story is told by Vanna J