One day 2 men were walking back home when they heard a scream for help they ran to where they heard it but found nothing but a dark alleyway with whispers of 100 lost souls each one whispering
"Help me"
So them being the two brave men they were they went in the alleyway
The deeper they went the louder the whispers grew
Until one of them fell to the ground with white pupils,not breathing he just looked dead the other ran through the alleyway when he got home he told his wife

Wife:What's wrong,what happened
Husband:me and Mike went through a huanted alleyway
Wife:you're kidding
Husband:No it's all true
Wife:oky continue
Husband:Mike fell to the floor and he looked dead pupils all white,not breathing

The wife was very shocked she looked at her husband and knew he wasn't lying

To Be Continued

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ

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