I was upstairs in my room when i heard my mother call me down for dinner. My mom died seven years ago.

I was walking down the street at night, but my shadow keeps following me.

I was playing in the lake when i saw my reflection, except it wasnt me.

I heard my wife shushing my baby, but when i turned on the bed my wife was fast asleep.

I thought the clown statue was fake, until it talked back.

My daughter wont yelling at me. Shes ,ad that i killed her.

I woke up to my mom crying above me. I was about to touch her until i sawwhy she was crying.

I got into my uber drivers car, o ly to recieve a message that my uber is waitng for me.

The backseat of my soon to be new car is comfortable! I wonder when she'll notice me.

My wife is so beautiful, even when theres a knife sticking out of her throat while she screams.

Story is told by Vanna J

Gacha Spooky