1. There must be something wrong with my new camera. When ever I take a photo of me and my four friends, there is always one person extra just lurking in the background. I wouldn't mind but the more photos I take, the closer the person gets.

2. I turn over in bed and put my arm around my wife. Only to hear someone knockingon the door. But when I went to answer it, it turned out to be my wife. Asking me why I locked her out of the house.

3. I normally don't like animal heads on my wall. Especially if they are still alive.

4. It's one thing to see a skeleton in your living room. It's another thing if it starts talking to you.

5. I hate it when people are noisey and disrespect their surroundings. If they weren't ghosts, I'll tell them to stop it.

Story is told by Gary Matrix

Gary Matrix

Thank you.

Vanna J