FICTIONAL! This is my version of the bloody ary legend. NO COPYWRITE INTENDED!!!!.

theres MANY different stories of the urban legend 'bloody mary', so heres my version ;)

There once was a beautiful, young, rich, women. She cared greatly about her appearence, and loved being praised for her gorgeous looks. In her village, she was known as the farrest of them all. One day, while mary was taking a walk at night, a drunken man who took a liking in mary, raped her. She was scared and hepless and hurt. After the man finished his business, she ran home in mental, and physical pain.
About a month later she noticed that she was gaining wait, and having really bad stomach pains. Was so upset that she ws loosing her perfect body, that she went to a doctor to see whats wrong.
She was one month pregnant.
She was devistated and asked if she can remove this "thing" from her body, but nothing would work. To herself, she was ugly, even thoufh she was still beautiful, so she decided to lock herself in her home with only her servants and cooks around her.
About eight months later she gave birth to a baby boy she named blue.
She despised the child as he caused her suffering. She despised her precious child even more when he started to get more attention then her when they would go outside. Mary was younfpg and confused and didnt know what to do. She held her baby nfront of the mirror and looked at their reflection. She noticed her eyes began to get dark bags, and she optained wrinkles from stress. She was so angry that she threw her baby into the mirror, killing it. When she realized what she did she broke down in tears. She didnt knkw what to do so she grabbed pieces of the mirror and stabbed herself in the throat.
Her servents found marry and baby blue lying infront of the mirror dead all bloody. Marrys once white dress turned red from all the blood.

Legend has it that if you are in pitch black darkness, and chant bloody marry, 3-13 times, infront of a mirror, youll see her reflection, and if you do, your safe, but if you see your own, shell disfigure you to make you look as ugltpy as she thought she was, and in the back ground toull here the cries of a baby. Baby blue.

Story is told by Vanna J

Slendys actual daughter (actually real)

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Why would she do that? Her likings of beauty is similer to Kuchisake Onna!