I slowly turned around to see my grandma with the gun i had. She pointed it at me and told me to sit on the couch.
If i could make her use it, but not on me, ill be saved. Theres only one more bullet in the calester because i used three of them getting food.
She kept eyeing the the deep bloody cut on my leg, as i noticed it must have busted somehow because it was bleeding.
"What happened and why the h*ll are you bleeding?" She looked st me closely."are you....infected?"
I immediately shook my head as a no, but she didnt believe me. She was about to shoot when i screamed "watch out!"
She turned sround thinking someone was there and i grabbed the gun from her and wacked her with a nearby lamp. I dragged her heavy old body to the basement, tied her hands to a medal water pipe, tied her feet together, and gagged her. I left her inthe pitch dark basement and shut and locked the door.
Im leaving. I wont survive here.

January 4 1818
Dear Diary,
I slept, packed all of the food i got into my bag, which wohld lsst me atleast two months, the gun and the bullets, and a bat. I took in a first aid lit also, after i fixed up my scratch. I grabbed anything else i wouod need and wore the padded cloths my grandmother made me. I ooened the main door alittle and looked out. Know one. I opened it fully, without opening the screen door, and looked out. Hmm seems the cost is clear i thought.
I in began b down the street snd everything was deserted. Seems everyone has...well...left!
I saw a couple corpes laying around and some necessities i might need so i grabbed them.
I was leaving my village and heading to the woods when i heard a noise. A footstep maybe, crunching on the dead leaves and sticks.
I cotiously TN turned around to see a grown man, with purple and blue skin, a black looking mouth, with red, blood shot eyes. He started walking to me with a dangerously fast pace. Before j in had time to react he pounce tackled me.
It was like he was attempting to bight me, but he had no focus on the reak on target. It TN was lile he was blind, and he only knew i was under him, not exactly were though. I nearly got bitten for the Web fourth time when i hears a loud scream and a gunshot, which sent the deranged man flying off of ke wirh blood seaping out.
I then b found myself at the tip of another gun!

Story is told by Vanna J

Vanna J

Thank you so much!💙