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Shadows are shadows. A shadow is something that comes from an object when light žs flashed on them, but then how are they appearing from thin air? Something has to be casting them right? Have you ever been sitting there doing something when all of the sudden you see a shadow looking thing in the corner of your eye, but you think, 'just my imagination'? What if its not your imagination and theres something actually there. What if your not always alone when you feel that eerie feeling of someone watching you, but when you turn around, you see know one? Was there ever a time when your distracted and it sounds lile you heard your name being called but when you ask, know one has called you? Maybe tou werent hearing things and someones trying to reach out to you? Maybe all this signs are clues that your not alone, and if you do think that, you'll become paranoid so on you dont even think about it. All these rhoufhts came from one shadow i saw in my room. It followed me, stood next to me, and whisoered to me, but for the longest, i thought all those things i was seeing, hearing, and feeling was just my imagination. Then you start to wo der who it is that your seeing and hearing, and the weird presence your feeling. You think, do they want something? or, who are they? Or, why are they following me? Then the bad questions come rolling in. Are they good, or evil? Do they want to hurt me, or protect me? I found out because i wondered to much. The more you wonder the more you find out. Thats not always a good thing though. If i were you, and everytime you see a shadow in the corner of your eye, or you here something faint, or you feel as though your being watched, keep thinking irs a part of your imagination. Its for the best. Believe me.
I hope this enlightened any of you whoever thought about digging deeper into what you that was "just your imagination"

Story is told by Vanna J

Vanna J

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