January 2nd 1818
Dear Diary,
Me and my grandmother locked my mother in the basement yesterday.
Shes not doing well at all. She started banging on the door harshly non stop for almost twenty eight hours now! Its scary knowing that thats my mom, and that theres a wjole bunch of other people put there like that. I wonder who else is out there. Are any of my friends? Are they safe?
Me and my grandmother and my mother were never the wealthiest in our village, so we didnt have much food and i new we would be running out of it soon.

January 3rd 1818
Dear Diary,
Yesterday a girl about my age came banging on the door crying. I was about to let her in, but my grandmother pushed me from the door, and all the sudden a lady attacked her. I was so scared. The little girl was screaming for help.
My grandmother wants me to go outside in search for food. She offered, but she said shes to old. Im scared but she said we have to be strong. The plague is spreading fast she told me.
We have an old radio that picked up a signal of people calling for help and asking for survivors. My grandmother told ke it would be safer if we stay here but i disagree.
I just got back from going outside. My grandmother sent me out there with knee high boots, some padded cloths, a knife, and an old gun for protection. The gun only had about four bullets so my grandmother told me to try and find some if i can.
I found enough food to last about a month wirh the two of us. Igot attacked by a child about a couple years dB younger than me. I got her off but i hurt myself. I dont think im infected, but i better not tell grandma.
I got in the house to here no noise, which is strange because i usually here my mothers wailing or banging.
I searched for my grandmother and noticed the basement door open. I grabbed the gun that i used and krept down the basement stairs. It was very quiet, and it sort of scared me.
I got to the end of the steps seeing my grandmother crouching over a dead body. I slowly walked over to her to see that the dead body was my mothers.
"Shes dead."
She replied glancing ar me. I didnt bother to ask jow because my granmother probably killed her out of annoyance. It was dB likely of her. She wasnt evil but she was merciless.
I stored up the food and rechecked the windows to kake sure everythings locked when i heard the sound of a gun behind me.

Story is told by Vanna J