September 2nd, 2017
It was Summer and I was continue doing my daily jogging while singing some marine decadence. At the time I was preparing to be recruited for the marine corp. However one day I was jogging through the forest and pushing myself to the limit through some extreme training. Hoping to gain more stamina and prove myself to be recruited. I was very determined to become one but as I was climbing over logs and climb on trees. But as I was training by climbing over logs and building up my stamina. I happened to hear the most strange agonizing moaning sound.

I stopped of what I was doing and looked around. But all I could see was trees and leaves everywhere with no sign of anyone or anything that could make that sound. I looked around for a while longer and then just decided to pack up whatever I need and go home. But the sound of the howling replayed over and over again in my head. I begin to wonder what the sound was and where it was coming from. But my head began to hurt as I try to think about it.

Story is told by HellionLegion