Hey guys, so these are just some paranormal things that happened to ke or my family members.

#1. Grandmothers childhood.
When my grandmother was young, she grew up with her mom, and dad, and three brothers and one sister. They lived in an old, five bedroom house. The house had two previous owners before them and the most previous, which was an old lady, died from a heart attack. My grandmother doesnt remember much about the e house but she remembers the basement. The basement was always dark because the only light down there was broke and the dteps were steep, but she recalls that at night her and two of her brothers, would run down to the top of the basement steps and they would just float down to the bottom, and play with there "friends". At first, the three thought it was a weird dream all of them had somehow until there mom asked, 'what were you guys doing laughing in the basement at night?

#2 the naked running lady
This is told from my father, the son of my grandmother.
When my father was young, he lived in a house with his mom and his one sister. He had a deceased dad and brother who died in a fatel car accident when he was about five. At this time my dad was about nine and his sister was five. Their backyard wasnext to a little drive way tyoe road that was next to a cliff that went down into the woods. My dad and his sister was playing outside when they saw a naked women run down the road near the woods. They were puzzled so they chased after her, only to see her dive off the cliff. They went to the spot and looked down at were she landed. All they saw though was a naked manakin lying on a bush about 30 feet below them. The lady was know where to be found and there was no sign of her actually landing anywhere and moving.

#3 the old ladies house.
I was about nine years old when my family moved i to a new house. The school that i was going to be going to was close, so my mother allowed mw to walk. When school started, i would walk passed this old ladies house. She would sit in her front yard, on her rocking chair, rocking back and forth, watching about three little kids playing in the yard. She would always say hi to me and compliment me. One day i was late to school, and so my older brother had to walk me to school. I passed the old ladies house, and as always, she was sitting there with the kids. I looked over and spoke but she didnt respond, only stared at my brother, so did the kids. My brother than looked at me confused, saying "who are you talking to?"
I then looked st my brother and back at the house about to respond when i noticed my view od the house changed. It looked.....abandoned, not how it looked ten seconds ago. There were holes in the building like it was burnt, and the old lady was now covered in black ash along with the kids. I went the rest of the day feeling uneasy. I went home and aske my mom about the house and she told me that the house burnt down twenty two years ago, killing an old women named barbara turner, and her three grandchildren.

Story is told by Vanna J


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