January 1st 1818
Dear Diary,
Hey new diary. Its a new year, new me, and new diary haha!
Today was....weird. we had school, but barely anybody showed up. There was only 2/5 of the teachers, and only 6 kids!
Thats not the strangest. When i woke up this morning, my mom who is sick and can barely talk was mumbling, "d...dont...g..go.....s.s....s.sstay here...."
And when i left, no one was out!
The whole village was deserted it seemed. I asked a couple of the kids at school why it was like this and they said it was because people were getting vary sick. I didnt know what that means but my teachers canceled school for the time being and told us to go home and lock our doors and not come out know matter what.
Now im walking home and im kinda freaking out.
I was walking up on main street, one street over from my house, and i walked past the bakery to get my daily pastries, only to see mr. Robbie, the baker, all pale with blue and purple marks on his skin and blood shot eyes!
He was banging his head on the glass, he looked like he was trying to break it open!
The more i walked, the more i hear noises like banging or things shattering or even people screaming. I ran all lb the way home to my grandma and my sick mother.
When i got to the house, ibusted in and locked all the doors and windows while screaming GRANDMA.......MAMA!!! I heard a faint voice come from upstairs.
It was my grandma and i ran to my moms room as quick as i can. When i got there i saw my mom was lying on the bed, in the same state as Mr.robbie, but her eyes wasnt red. My grandma then spoke to me while staring at my moms barely living body.
"Its called the plague. Its a desease that is cought from animal bites, and is spread through saliva. Your mother got bit by a rat a month ago and this is how it happened. The rat that bit her was carrying the desease. Its not safe out there. Who knows how nm any people are sick now." She sighed." But......whe do have to get rid of her" she said sadly.

Story is told by Vanna J

Vanna J

Whats that


This is like SCP-049 Plague Dr