I was fourteen years old and I was in the car with my mom and her boyfriend. I never talked to him much. Mostly because I don't trust him much. He was recent too and I was only use to see my other dad. He wasn't my biological father but he was like what a real father would be. However alcohol addiction made my parents divorced. Mostly because of the constant fighting every day however I had to give my mother's boyfriend a chance. I was in the back seat of his van and watching everything going by from the passenger side. Sometimes I would take a nap and hope to wake up in the apartment that was really terrible but it was a lot better than being in a car all day. But as we just entered the state of Tennessee. We were starting to run low on gas and my mom's boyfriend pulled over at a nearby gas station. I looked around and I felt like something was watching me.

I looked around and I notice a man wearing a mask of a rabbit. He was standing behind the van at a few feet away. His arm raised up and he place his index finger on the mouth of the mask as a gesture to be quite. I looked at mom and said.

"Mom. There is a man behind us."

As I turned around to see if he was still there. However he was gone. Just an empty area of where he was standing. My mom was looking and said.

"Where? I don't see anything."

My mom's boyfriend walked back to the van and he grabbed the gas pump to put the gas into his van. I couldn't stop thinking about what I saw and the more that I was thinking about it. The more that I felt unease and my head began to ache. After my mom's boyfriend was done putting the gas into his van. We continue driving down the road. However we decided to take a different route since the one that we were taking was in a large traffic jam.

It was a dirt road trail and there were nothing but trees with red, orange and brown leaves falling to the ground. However something was really off about the forest. It was a feeling as if something was watching us. I looked around and the forest seem empty. There were no birds or even squirrels roaming around.

I looked around again and I froze in fear... What was standing at the direction that I was looking was that same creepy man but this time he was snapping his head around violently. The man raised both of his arms and sprouted out large, thin spider like legs out of the side of his body. His arms seem to sprout out his blood vessels that become something more like tentacles. The man reached for his mask and tore it off as he revealed his face with a large tongue with teeth attached to it. However his teeth were more serrated and sharp.

He then stared straight at me with rage in it's eyes. As if the creature wanted to rip me to pieces. The creature then lay down on the ground and let his spider like legs to walk him through the forest. After a few moments of driving by. We were at the edge of the forest and just when we exit out of the forest something hit the front windshield of the fan that covered the van with blood. My mom screamed and her boyfriend hit the breaks and step out of the car. He looked and he began to vomit as he was looking at a half devoured corpse of a hunter that must have been in the forest to hunt an animal. His skin was torn to shreds and the left side of his chest was missing.

Story is told by HellionLegion