Full moon. It happened before, plenty of times, but a red moon is rare. Really rare. It only happens about every decade, and something always happens.
It was late and i was just getting off from work. It was around 12am, and usually in my neighborhood everyone was sleep with the lights off, but not this night. It was a Red Moon which was awaesome i thought. I was finally on my street when i saw one of my neighbors walking down the street. I tried to say hi,MN but they were like zombies. Kinda like they were sleep walking, but with there eyes open. I ignored it and kept walking until i saw like three more people in the same state! I was confused so i followed them. I saw a bunch of people, in an open feild looking up to the red moon, while other people from different directions were coming up to the group, in the same state. An older lady then walkedup to me. She seemed normal. She said "your new here right?" I nodded. "Ahh....yeah...sruff like this happens every red moon. My suggestion to you is, stay inside when the moon comes out red. Red is the devil."

Story is told by Vanna J