This is a fictional story. No COPYWRITE intended

This is an event that happened to me when i was young, and even now, me nor my parents can explain it.

My parents are extremely rich. Like huge house, exspensive cars, maids, cooks,body gaurds, butlers, personal trainers, tutors, everything that a rich family would have! I was the only child, and i didnt make any friends because i was always homschooled.
When i was about seven, i made my first friend, my mother tells me, but...she wasnt necessarily human.
I was sitting in my room looking out of the window, into our backyard park when i saw a little girl on my swing. I then watched her, but then she turned her head and looked bsck at me.
She was a pale white, with black eyes and hair. She never smiles. Only talks in a whisper, but somehow she was my friend. I dont remember much about the day we met but all i know is that ever since, she had been with me until a certain event. I mentioned her to my parents but they would just ignore me and pretend its nothing. When i turned twelve, my mother put me in a private school, because she thought i was becoming depressed or dalusional.
I got bullied in school for a short while, bit everyone who bullied me either got into a serious accident, or they died from a freak accident. I started to suspect it was my friend, so i told ky parents. They told me i was crazy, and they said if i dont stop acting this way, there going to send me somewhere. A b out a week later, my mom tripped down the stairs and broke her neck. I decided to call my grandmother and tell her. After i told her she sounded.....scared. she then told me she thinks that i have a spirit attached to me, and thats why all of this is happening. She also told me that spirits attach themselves to lonly or lost souls. She explained that if i wait longer, then she could take control of me. I then asked my grandmother how i can make her go away. She said that once a spirit attaches themselves to a human, they are loyal to them, meaning they protect them and tell the truth to them. I hung up with my grandmother before she could finish, and asked my friend questions. She had a smile on her face now, lile she new what was coming. I asked,
"Whats your name"
"How old are you"
"are you....real"
She didnt answer except, her smile grew wider. I remember her walking over to me and saying, you shouldnt have asked that. From what my parents told me, it was like something possesed me. I was crawling on the walls and ceiling, throwing stuff around, and screaming in this demonic voice. My parents called my grandmother because she deals with all types of paranormal and she would know what to do. She freaked out and told my parents to aske me/it if im real. They asked and i passed out. I remember waking up tied to a chair, feeling cold even though i was surrounded by candles. I saw my parents and a strange man witha. Cross thing a long black coat on. He spoke.
"The spirit is almost detached from the soul. Shes a lost soul. Shes evil. She attached herself to her daughtef. There loyal, until you doubt there existence. She must have possesed your daughter and she wants back in. I was co fused and freaking out. I heard whispers. They were salia's. She was asking for help. Saying there hurting her, but i knew she was tricking me. I began to scream as it felt like my soul and my body was being ripped apart. I passef out again, and woke up with the room that we were in-the church, was all messed up. The windows were all busted and broken and the chairs were all over the place, and there wss dust and paper everywhere. I woke up first and seen my parents unconscious and the priest dead.
Since that day i bacame mute, and suffer from depression from being lonly and socially deprived , because my parents are afraid of me hurting myslelf, or anyone else again.

Story is told by Vanna J